Lighty's Mods

Hi, I'm Light. I primarily mod for fun and to keep myself busy so my prices are on the lower end - I'm also open to requests! I'm a perfectionist at heart, so I will always try my best to get my mods juuuust right.


I mainly work with vanilla upscales to the YAB+ body and Bibo+ hands & feet.
Prices vary based on a piece's complexity; how many separate meshes the piece has, if the edges line up with problematic joints (ex: knuckles, shoulders, hips) or troublesome bones (skirts), and if I'll have to re-crate shape data to tuck sleeves/legs into gloves/boots.
Gloves - £5-£10
Boots - £5-£15
Legs - £10-30
Body - £20-£40

Existing work

You can find all of my released mods on XIVArchive, Heliosphere or my Ko-fi, or linked on my Trello!

Contact me

If you'd like to commission me, get a quote, have some questions or just want to chat, feel free to message me on Discord (fightylighty) or Ko-fi!